The Chelsea Quilt Retreat

This past April I hosted the first (with many more to come) Chelsea Quilt Retreat! This retreat took many years to put together to not only convince my Mom and I to host it, but to find a location and really take the plunge. The retreat was Friday, Saturday and Sunday and let me tell you everyone came in excited and left exhausted! I worked so hard to make this event as perfect as I could, which also meant that I had very little sleep and needed to recover from all of the fun for almost a week!


On Friday the first day of the retreat we planned for the day to be little more laid back, as all of the quilters were checking in and arriving at different times, they were busy setting up their machinery and immediately started getting to know each other. We started everything out with a bit of Show & Tell, followed by our dinner which was an amazing baked potato and soup bar followed by a prize drawing!  Then one of our instructors, Tonia Lee taught us all a very simple quilt as you go table runner, that was fun and rewarding to make as we had an instant completed project!


Saturday morning the doors opened early, we loaded up on coffee and started our next class, taught by Tina, the Two Fabric Bargello! This class was an all day event taking a break for lunch of course, which were assorted wraps. Dinner was an AMAZING Southwestern Bar that definitely became a retreat favorite! After dinner and before we resumed sewing, we had our white elephant gift exchange. The quilters were asked to bring a beautifully wrapped item that they no longer wanted or were using with the theme being anything to do with sewing and boy did everyone have tons of fun! The room was filled with laughter, pouts and snatches with all of us coming out winners in the end. This will become a must for the next retreat and quickly became one of my favorite moments of the weekend! 


By 7 AM Sunday I needed my personal carafe of coffee! The fun started early and this time Tonia Lee taught us the art of a Stack ‘N Whack (mine is currently in hiding).  For those of you that are not familiar with a Stack ‘N Whack, everything is cut and sewed on the bias which means a whole lot of stretching! However it was definitely a fan favorite! We broke again for lunch, which was a deli sandwich bar, and another couple of prize drawings and shortly after the ladies started leaving. 

At the retreat I launched my very first quilt pattern called Pumpkin Jack, which you can buy on my Etsy shop here.


This retreat was a blessing and simply amazing, we have made lifelong friendships, and have gotten together with several of our new friends!  Based on everyone’s reviews, our quilting weekend was a huge success, so much so that the next quilt retreat has already been booked for April 22, 23 & 24, 2016!  People already want to sign up!  Spaces are limited, so sign up sooner rather than later! I cannot wait to see you all next year!


To stay updated with the Chelsea Quilt Retreat and be notified when you can sign up go here.



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