Tips for Being a Classy Hostess


The weekend before last my Mom and I both co-hosted a Hoola jewelry brunch party.  What is Hoola you ask?  Hoola is interchangeable jewelry allowing you to customize your jewelry to your daily outfits. Hoola also has lots of statement pieces that I love dearly. You can check out their website here.

Through the years, I have come to realize that the art of being a classy hostess almost seems dead in my generation.  Luckily for me I grew up knowing how to throw a party by watching my Grandma, Mom and Mamaw.  I was taught at a very early age that glass/crystal bowls are a staple; make sure that you have more than enough food and when in doubt wear your pearls. These are some tips that have been taught to me over the years.


I find that the following tips work for any direct sales party that you might have (Premier Jewelry, Tupperware, Thirty-One Bags, etc.). The only exception is Pampered Chef, because you should really let me do the demonstrating and cooking for that one. ;)

1.     Invite anyone and everyone within your area.
Between the two of us we invited all the ladies we knew in Michigan. We have family and friends in other states but realistically you would like to invite your family and friends that live within your area. This may seem extreme, we invited over 100 people, and I can guarantee you only that only ¼ of them you will hear back from, and even less than that will actually show up.
2.     Don’t be offended if people cancel last minute.
People will cancel. It happens. We had two-cancel at the last minute, not to mention a couple of people who were no shows. It happens. Expect it and pay more attention to and enjoy spending time with your guests that did attend. Don’t take offense or make a big deal about it.
3.     Keep it Simple
Believe it or not this was my version of keeping it simple. Later on I was told that I would scare future hostesses away, because they would not want to put in the effort that I did.  If you saw my original menu, you would see that this is crazy simpler. Yes, the scones were made the morning of so they would still be warm. And we did make homemade granola rather than buying it. However I did buy my favorite cookies; Madeline’s and macaroons because they are extremely time consuming to make! (Guilty!)

4.     Cater to your guests not to yourself

For instance, I can’t have dairy or eat eggs and yet I made a yogurt bar with mini quiches. The point is that I was catering to what my guests would like and eat and not so much my personal crazy daily diet. However I did make sure that everything was vegetarian, as I knew a lot of us didn’t eat beef or pork.
5.     No Pressure
Not all of your guests will buy something. Either they will realize they cannot afford it, they don’t like the product, or they are going to have a party of their own. Once again no pressure to your guests, let them enjoy themselves without feeling guilty if they do not purchase anything,  If there are questions on the product, let the consultant handle those as that is what they are there for.
6.     What to Wear
You want to be comfortable, but not too casual. Keep in mind you invited everyone you know, you don’t know who is going to show up last minute, if they will bring a friend or not but remember to make sure that you feel good about yourself, after all this is your home and party! Personally I could live in dresses every day of my life, so I chose to wear a maxi dress. I accessorized with Hoola Jewelry of course! (As that was the reason that we were all there.)
7.     Presentation
I personally like to design signs, menu cards and other little fun things. It’s just the designer in me, you do not have to make signs to keep it simple. Back to the basics, in my opinion, stick with this thought, EVERYTHING looks classier in a glass bowl! Also don’t be afraid to add some color!

I hope that your next party is fabulous!

By the way my “Saturday Mornings are for Mimosas an Brunch” Sign is available for purchase on my Etsy site here.

Katie K

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