Drink with Gusto!

Let’s talk about my favorite subject, COFFEE!!!


It’s no secret that coffee and I have a very close relationship. In fact I have been frequenting coffee shops since I was in the 5th grade and always plan my shopping trips around my favorites. To be honest, I actually know more about coffee than styling my own hair. (Sad but true.)

This past week I was introduced to a new blend from Gusto Coffee Boutique, based out of Houston Texas.  When the coffee arrived on Friday, the very first thing that I did was call my Mamaw and asked her if I could borrow her coffee grinder, believe it or not but I do not actually own my own coffee grinder yet, however hint hint (My Birthday is in October! ;)) in the meanwhile, waiting for the coffee grinder I kept finding myself snacking on the delicious coffee beans in anticipation until she arrived.

While grinding the coffee, I relished in this new experience, the smell of the beans being ground were even better than when I opened up the package of coffee itself and I could not wait to brew my first cup of the Gusto Coffee.  I found that I really enjoyed the process of grinding the beans to brew my perfect cup. I could tell that it was freshly roasted and it tasted blissfully wonderful. Unfortunately both my Mom and Mamaw had the same thought as I did as I watched my beautiful cup of fresh brew getting passed around the room and further away from me. (Insert my pouting face here.) I have been drinking Gusto’s Coffee all week since then!


What makes this blend so special to me besides the taste? A little fun fact about me, I prefer a light roast coffee! Gusto’s Costa Rican Bella Teresa coffee is a light roast with hints of bittersweet chocolate, grapefruit and molasses! Yum! With Gusto roasting specifically to your order, you always get a perfectly fresh cup of coffee, and can actually taste all of the wonderful flavors blended gracefully together each time you take a sip. I also have actually found that I didn’t need to add as much cream; (I’m a creamer girl! I even travel with my own bottle or creamer) this cup of coffee was perfectly lovely without it.

I’ve always ordered my coffee in bulk online, unless I run out before my new order comes in.  Gusto’s Coffee Boutique website makes it easy for me to continue doing just that!

Like my bracelet in the pictures? I sure do! They are hand made and support Costa Rican artisans and charities. You can get one with every new order while they last!

If you love coffee, try Gusto’s Coffee Boutique and let me know what you think as well!  The taste and quality is totally worth it! You can check out their website here.

 Katie K

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