Summer Favorites

I really enjoy summer, especially living here in Michigan. The weather is usually warm, but not very hot and the humid is literally just right. For most Michigander’s summer means a sigh of relief from the miserable long cold winters and that we can finally go outside and play!

Below is a list of my favorite activities and things to do when summer hits the North! Hopefully you can add these to your own summer fun either here or in your own town/city near you!


Water Park:

There is a little hidden gem of a water park in Ann Arbor called Rolling Hills Water Park. It’s in the middle of the woods and a perfect spot to relax, work on my tan and not leave the Lazy River for 5 hours! (Guilty!) Plus this is wonderful for my inner mermaid self. The price is very inexpensive, especially for Washtenaw County residents with only $5 parking. The park recently had a face-lift a few years ago and expanded not only their slides but also updated locker rooms and entryway.


Water + Me = Mermaid Time add the Sun and it is a very happy day. What is even better is that after I hit the pool my hair gets really wavy, shiny and beautiful, I always refer to it as my Mermaid Waves that I so desperately love! There are several pools in my area, but I actually prefer the one in the Chelsea Wellness Center. The water is heated at 90 degrees and it allows me to do water aerobics all year round!

Summer Favorites_Page_1

Iced Coffee:

What else tastes better on a hot summer day??!?!! Especially since a Starbucks just opened a whole lot closer to me!!! :) I personally love an iced caramel macchiato but I do splurge on a vanilla Frappachino once in a while.

Museums in Ann Arbor:

I don’t know why, but I love walking the streets of downtown Ann Arbor in the summer. Could it be that it’s because most of the students have gone home so it’s more of us locals? I’m not sure. But I do know that I just love the University of Michigan Museum of Art. I like to get lost in the floors and weird staircases that make this building a bit unique. Another awesome part of the museums on campus, they’re FREE! That’s right, completely FREE! They do have a little donation box in the front but aside from that you can go and enjoy art all you want and not have to pay a penny.

Going Further North:

Here in Michigan, one of the best vacations all Michiganders take is to Mackinac Island. It is an island in between the two peninsulas and the fun thing about it is that there are no cars allowed! It was also featured in the movie “Somewhere in Time” with Jane Seymour and Christopher Reeve. I could literally write an entire blog about the island, but I will say that the summer is their tourist season and it is tons of fun (they have great fudge too)!

Summer Favorites_Page_3

Used Book Sale:

Granted this happens every month even in the winter, but I find it a lot more fun to go in the summer. My local library has a used book sale every month, what is even better is that you can fill a paper bag for only $5! It’s amazing how many great treasures that you can find there! The next one here in Chelsea is this coming Saturday from 10-1. Check out libraries near you to see if that is also something that they offer.

Camp Fires:

I absolutely LOVE the smell of a campfire; there is nothing more relaxing and natural than the smell of a burning fire. Plus I love all of the many foods/meals that goes along with sitting around a great campfire.  I prefer my Marshmallows burnt to a crisp. (Crazy I know) We also make campfire pizzas and gourmet grilled cheeses all in the fire. Some of my favorite memories are of us camping with several family and friends; we averaged 15 of us around one campfire while growing up. We even have our own fire pit in our backyard, but I also really love the campfires at campgrounds when we go camping.

Summer Favorites3

Bike Rides:

Once the snow and ice hits the north it can be a bit dangerous to be on your bike on our roads. However, as soon as the frost melts and the flowers bloom I am out there on my bike! I was even biking to work for a while, which is really fun to do in a skirt. :/ My bike has a basket on the front so that my 10 lb Yorkie-Poo, Tucker can buckle in. He just loves anything that make his ears billow in the wind. My favorite time of day to bike ride is the early morning or in the evening as the sun goes down. It is cooler outside during that time, and there is a sense of peacefulness around here.

Sounds & Sights Festival:

Every summer in my town we have what is called the Sounds & Sights Festival. It takes place in downtown Chelsea, and it’s sort of like an art market/fair/music all in one. I like to go at least one of the two days, as it’s also the best weekend to have a yard sale if you live in town. ;) Stay tuned; I will be doing a blog on this festival later this summer!



I am the type of girl that could live in dresses, especially sundresses!!! In fact I even have 5 sundresses that I recently purchased and are waiting for them to be shipped to me right now! (Guilty!) My Mamaw and my Mom used to make me all of my own dresses growing up, and I have loved dresses ever since. My perfect summer go-to is a sundress! You can dress them up or down and they go with everything!

A&W Root Beer:

The nearest A&W is in the next town over, Dexter. This particular A&W is the kind where you stay in your car and if you are lucky the waitresses will be in roller skates! (Kidding, but really that would be awesome!) Because of this old fashioned awesome type of restaurant, they close in November and open in March. Meaning the best time to get an ice cold fresh root beer is in the summer! Not to mention the root beer floats! I personally love these around the fourth of July! They just feel so American to me. Don’t forget to pick up an order of their cheese curds! ;)

Summer Favorites_Page_4


It’s no secret that I LOVE shopping! Really it’s in my blood. All of the women in my family seem to have this same dilemma! Shopping in the summer for me is kind of a mix of all of my favorite things, I usually have a sundress on, iced coffee in hand, Kate Spade purse on my arm, mermaid waves in my hair and walking the streets of Ann Arbor. J Sounds like a perfect summer day to me! My favorite places to shop in the area are Arbor Hills, Arborland and Downtown Ann Arbor.

I hope that you all have a wonderful summer, and if you haven’t done something on my list you should try it! :)

Katie K

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