Manchester Chicken Broil

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Every year my family and I reserve the third Thursday in July to attend the Manchester Chicken Broil. Manchester is the next town over from us, less than 7 miles away.  It is known for a Snoopy mailbox, a DQ and the annual Chicken Broil.

As a young child I would attend with my grandparents parking miles away and riding a horse drawn buggy to the end of the line, and always bringing a meal home to my dad who worked second & third shifts.  For the past few years now, both my Dad and I would go and wait in the very long line in the heat to get takeout always purchasing an ice cold bottle of water from the Boy Scouts that walked through the long lines for a fundraiser. Last year they finally came up with the answer to our problem of waiting for hours in the heat, they have now they created a drive thru!!!!

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This year we were fortunate to be able to go to the 62nd annual chicken broil and actually eat there as a family. Our schedules finally all coincided. What was even better was the weather was AMAZING!!! It was nice and cool with a breeze almost like it was going to rain but never did. The line wasn’t too bad, the smoke from the grilling chicken filled the air, and the band was playing old classics.   Our meal as usual was delicious!  I am a big fan of their coleslaw!

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The chicken broil itself is se

t up magnificently, and volunteers work and run it all! As you go into the fair grounds you purchase your ticket and wait in line. To your right you can see and watch the volunteers and the unique way that they cook the chicken.

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On the left is home to the new and improved take out/drive thru assembly. And then there is also the coleslaw makers, which is all homemade using a classic German recipe. As you go through the line you are given ½ a chicken, 2 radishes, coleslaw, a roll and a bag of chips. Then you are given either a soda or a bottle of water. All for the low price of $10 a box.Broil BLOG_Page_7

According to the Manchester Chicken Broil Facebook page there were 550 volunteers this year and they served 8,720 dinners!

Broil BLOG_Page_5If you haven’t checked this out before, make sure to try it next year! Hopefully I will see you there. Katie K

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