Instagram Swaps


Have you ever heard of Swaps on Instagram? Until this past January I hadn’t either. I am still unsure as to how I discovered them, but one day Swaps kept popping up and being curious, I started to check them out, I found that there was quite a few of them available. Some of the Swaps have themes, like Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Beach while others are more open to stalking your partner using social media, Instagram, Pinterest.


Here is how the Swaps work, first you sign up for whichever swap that you are interested in Make sure to read the description before you sign up, for example I found out that I did not just sign up for a mini quilt swap, I also signed up for a craft swap! (oops!) When you sign up you fill out a series of questions that relate to what you like and want from this swap. For my next swap I made sure to mention coffee…. A lot! ;)


I signed up for a #HogwartsSwap2015 and #BroadwayMiniQuiltSwap for my first swaps. I had so much fun creating, designing and working on both of these swaps that I have already started signing up for more!

InstSwaps_Page_4When the sign ups close the “Swap Mamas” as they call them choose the partners and email you your assignment. Most swaps are secret so you don’t know who has you and you better make sure not to tag your partner in anything! From there you let the stalking begin! To help your partner out, make sure that you make a mosaic for them to get some inspiration! All of the swaps have a specific hashtag, if you are still unsure what a hashtag is, it’s the pound sign. Just with a different name. (#) For example anything I posted for the Broadway Mini Quilt Swap I used the #BroadwayMiniQuiltSwap and it became accessible for anyone from that swap to see and participate as a group.


After you figure out what to make your partner it’s all downhill from there! But make sure to post progress photos or sneak peaks to keep people guessing and excited. Some swaps have these progress photos mandatory so that they can make sure that they haven’t lost someone in the couple months that this all happens.

If someone is lost they pull out the “Swap Angels”, where someone else volunteers to take the orphan’s case to help out the group as a whole. That way no one is left without a package.


Extras are almost the best part and sometimes required. They are like bonus presents and when they are catered to you it’s like having a secret friend that totally gets you, and your love of pink! Or maybe that one was just me…


So, my fellow sewers and crafters this is so fun and easy to do that I challenge you to step out of your comfort zone, find a swap and have fun making new friends from around the world who totally get you!


If my partners are reading this I just wanted to thank you so much for helping make this a positive experience for my first time! It wouldn’t have been possible without you!

Katie K

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