Fandom of the Month

InstSwaps_Page_6Back in January I came across a box subscription service called the Fandom of the Month Club. Being an inner geek, I was beyond excited! The price is reasonable and you receive 3-4 pieces every month in a specific theme. The theme is usually a secret unless the owner, Erin decides to give us clues!


I had been wanting to try a subscription box for a while now and I am thrilled with the one that I have chosen. Some of these pieces I tend to wear everyday! One of my favorites happens to be the Lord of the Rings, Ring Bracelet. Some of the pieces the owner designs herself so this is the only place that you can get them. Erin also has a website with other fandom jewelry here.InstSwaps_Page_3

Whether I am part of the specific Fandoms or not I really do enjoy getting a present every month, not knowing what is going to be inside it! Some of my favorite Fandoms have been Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Lord of the Rings and Once Upon A Time!


The owner and master mind behind this operation; Erin is also a triplet! What is even more fun is that her sisters also are in the fandom business, resulting in extras from the sisters. Like a Harry Potter key-chain and Mario magnets!


Inside every box is a card, a hand printed pouch from S&S ink, and then 3 to 4 custom pieces. You never know what kind of jewelry you are going to get. (Bracelet, Necklace, Earrings, Rings, Keychains etc.)


This subscription is a perfect gift, if not for yourself for other Fandom lovers as well. If you are wanting something a little more trendy and less Fandom Erin just started a non-fandom based box subscription service called Flitwicks box which is starting next month. You can sign up for that here. (I plan on signing up this week!) I can’t wait to see what she has in store next!

Katie K

This was entirely my own opinions, and is in now way sponsored or endorsed. I just wanted to share with all of you what an awesome thing this was!

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