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My journey into the world of design started when I was just 14 years old. I was a summer intern in the sales department at Colorbök, which is a scrap-booking and paper company that was located in Dexter, Michigan. It was there that during my lunch breaks I discovered the world of design. I was so amazed and interested at what the graphic designers were doing, and how they were designing. They let me ask questions and seemed to have no issues with me pestering them. I realized that graphic design was similar to my hobby and love of quilting and that they went hand in hand so to speak. Ever since that summer I knew just what I wanted to do for the rest of my life.

Having this mission I decided to start in High School, by taking every single art and computer class that was offered. There was even a group of us that had taken all of the computer classes that our high school had to offer so they started creating more challenging, and fun courses just for our group. When looking at colleges I was of course interested in the art schools, however I also wanted the full college experience. Another important decision when choosing a college was whether or not I would be able to achieve my goal and graduate completely debt free so that I could start off my new life and career with a clean slate once I graduated. That is why I chose Saginaw Valley State University to be my home keeping me busy for the next 4 ½ years. I was fortunate enough to not be one of the majority of college students who were undecided, or couldn’t keep a major. I knew exactly what I wanted to do, and what I had to do in order to accomplish my set goals and so I set out to achieve them. I had a mission and a purpose while in college and that is what motivated me throughout those years. I majored in Graphic Design and minored in General Business as I have a very good business mind as well. I spent a semester studying in Italy, where I stayed in Florence and backpacked throughout the country on the weekends. I also applied for and was excepted into the Disney College Program in Walt Disney World for a semester. Both of these experiences not only helped me grow up and gain life experiences, but also helped my design and business mind. I learned so much from Italy and Disney and it shows in my everyday life and art work. My clients or guests as Disney refers them, are extremely important to me. Disney helped me establish the importance of the guest experience, something that is always in the forefront of my mind when meeting new clients. Disney hired me after my internship with them, and I worked for them seasonally for the next 2 ½ years, and it was a wonderful experience for me. I graduated from Saginaw Valley State University on December 16th, 2011 with a Bachelor’s degree in Graphic Design and a minor in General Business reaching one of my goals and completely debt free.11241031_10155691656420417_5069507995603261786_n

After I graduated I did what any normal graduate would do, I moved back home and started looking for a job. After months of searching I finally realized what all of the applications had in common, everywhere I was applying (which was just about anywhere) wanted Graphic Designers to have at least 2-3 years of experience. So there I was with my fancy new degree, with no debt at all so I found myself praying to Jesus, asking for leadership and guidance from him, and was told that it is time to bring Katie K Design’s (my secret dream) to life. So after months of praying and applying for graphic design positions I decided to listen to Jesus and start my own freelance graphic design business. He gave me the verse that I had based all of my decisions on, Jeremiah 29:11 “for I know the plans I have for you declares the Lord.” I had toyed with the idea before, but never thought it possible. So officially in September of 2012 Katie K Designs was born. Shortly afterward my first client contacted me and within a month Katie K Designs was up and running. My business has been expanding slowly but surely and growing and getting more and more successful thanks to Jesus, my family, friends and the community that I grew up in.


I am not doing any freelance work right now as I currently work as a Graphic Designer and Production Artist at Ink Frenzy in Chelsea.


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