My 3 Hour Layover in Atlanta

I’ve flown all my life; in fact, it’s my favorite way to travel! I recently had a layover in Atlanta and I thought it would be a perfect way to tell you how I turned what some people view as a burden or hassle and turned it into a positive and relaxing experience for myself. So this week I am sharing my layover experience with you, but I do want to warn you it’s pretty long.

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Evangelia High Tide Navy Heart And Sole Dress

I’ve been wearing this dress on repeat lately and I couldn’t wait to share it with y’all! Luckily it’s been a bit warmer here in Michigan so I was able to wear it during my daily life as well as during my trip to Florida a couple weeks ago.

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Life Update: Land Owner

I have a fun life update to share with y’all, and the reason behind my quick trip to Florida this weekend… I’m now a Land Owner! That’s right, I own a little piece of the Sunshine State not to mention a couple of palm trees! Read more

Long Sleeve Floral Dress

I am so excited, I am having a quick trip to Florida this weekend. I will have some exciting news to share with you next week in regards to my trip but for now let’s talk about this long sleeve floral dress from RoseGal.

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Traveling Vegetarian: The Standard in Ann Arbor

I have been anxiously waiting for the newest French inspired restaurant on my side of Ann Arbor to open, I’ll admit I was stalking their Facebook page for months. (#guilty) Of course once I heard word that the The Standard had opened I grabbed my Mamaw and took her to lunch as soon as I could.

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Mermaid Lagoon Tee

I came across the Lost Bros on Instagram and my inner Disney Princess instantly fell in love with their fun products, restaurant reviews and consistently giving me the Disney fix on their Instagram videos that I have been desperately craving. I couldn’t wait to order one of their products and chose this ever fitting Mermaid Lagoon tee.

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