Sally Beauty Shopping Haul

It was time for me to restock on some of my favorite things at Sally Beauty Supply and I decided it would be a great opportunity to introduce the store and my favorites. Basically Sally’s is a mecca for anyone in the beauty industry and the best part is that anyone can shop there and get incredible products at incredible prices!

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3 Summer Beauty Must Haves

Summer time is a completely different feeling here in Michigan. I feel like the other three seasons are all in anticipation for these few months of sunshine. The weather is different, I’m outside more, my makeup changes with my tan and I can’t wait to spend a day on a lazy river! This week I am sharing my top 3 summer beauty must haves for the next couple of months!

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Winter Nail Polish Cravings

The winter season is officially in full swing, which means that for us in the North warmth is not coming any time soon. (Unless of course you have a fabulous vacation planned like me!) This week I am sharing my winter nail polish craving with all of you dear beauty readers!

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My 5 Minute Face


I LOVE makeup! Take me to the Clinique counter any day! I am the least bit of a morning person that you could find so my makeup routine should not take long. (or keep me from my morning coffee) I’ve had a lot of makeup questions over the years so this week I am sharing how I do my 5 minute face. 

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Lipstick Roundup

           LipstickRoundupHow many lipsticks do you keep on you at all times? I have at least one in my purse, one in my tote, and at least one in my desk but they are all different shades! I am sharing with you my current favorites that I have on rotation this time of year.

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Katie’s Top 5 Beauty Favorites!

Top 5 Beauty Favs

Whenever friends get together we tend to ask each other what are some of your favorite beauty products and why? I also get a lot of compliments on my makeup, skin and hair. Since this is a question that is asked of me often I thought that this would be a perfect opportunity for a blog.

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