Victoria’s Secret Sports Workout

I’m incredibly lucky to have not only a mile long wellness path in my backyard, but the High School football field as well! It allows me to have options on where and how I want to spend my workout. Although I love my barre work outs I do like to go for a run now and then. Especially as the temperatures are cooling down.

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3 Essentials to Game Day at Lambeau



I have been to so many games at Lambeau Field that I can’t even count! It occurred to me when I was there last week that I have certain essentials and things that I need before I take my seat for kickoff. This week I am sharing with you what it takes to get me in my seat for the game.

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Time to Tailgate!

image1 It’s finally Fall Y’all! Now that my favorite season (and Birthday Season) has finally arrived not to mention the outpour of Pumpkin Spice Latte’s I thought I would share with you tailgating Katie’s way. Let the football season begin!

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