I will honestly admit that I am a huge Harry Potter nerd! In fact the only time that I was ever grounded was when my mom grounded me from reading my Harry Potter books (I had them memorized, and kept rereading all of them) per my Mom her reasoning by taking them away from me is that she really wanted me to broaden my horizons literary wise but my love for the Wizarding World never faltered. 

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Fandom of the Month

InstSwaps_Page_6Back in January I came across a box subscription service called the Fandom of the Month Club. Being an inner geek, I was beyond excited! The price is reasonable and you receive 3-4 pieces every month in a specific theme. The theme is usually a secret unless the owner, Erin decides to give us clues!

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Instagram Swaps


Have you ever heard of Swaps on Instagram? Until this past January I hadn’t either. I am still unsure as to how I discovered them, but one day Swaps kept popping up and being curious, I started to check them out, I found that there was quite a few of them available. Some of the Swaps have themes, like Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Beach while others are more open to stalking your partner using social media, Instagram, Pinterest.

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