Summer Mermaid Accessories

To cap off Shark Week I thought it would be fun to share some of my favorite Mermaid worthy accessories that I have been sporting this Summer. I know y’all don’t get to see my daily outfits, working on that; so here is a peak at what I use on a regular basis this season.

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Mermaid Lagoon Tee

I came across the Lost Bros on Instagram and my inner Disney Princess instantly fell in love with their fun products, restaurant reviews and consistently giving me the Disney fix on their Instagram videos that I have been desperately craving. I couldn’t wait to order one of their products and chose this ever fitting Mermaid Lagoon tee.

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Mermaid Factory


I have spent quite a bit of time in the Hampton Roads area of Virginia over the course of my life.  My cousin and I decided to have a girl’s day while I was in town last week, both of us wanted to do something that neither of us had done before and after a bit of research I found this great place called the Mermaid Factory in Norfolk.

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