Diagon Alley

I stepped off the train at Kings Cross Station amazed at how it resembled the station in the movies. Personally I have never been to London so this was the closest I could get returning from Hogwarts.

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A Night in Disney Springs


The most exciting change on Disney property right now is Disney Springs. Disney has magically transformed Downtown Disney into a Floridian Disney Springs with brand new restaurants, high end shopping and a new obsession for Sprinkles Cupcakes! I managed to spend an evening in Disney Springs with a very busy itinerary and I’m sharing all the details.

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Vacation Recap

img_3765This is my first week back after being on a 2+ week vacation, and boy do I need more coffee! I had a lot of questions on where I’ve been and since it’s a bit complicated I wanted to give you an extremely brief overview as future blogs will be more focused on the specifics.

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