Clam Shell Purse & Starfish Wishes

It’s no secret that I am a Mermaid at heart stuck on land. Because of my love of the water and all the creatures in it I love being able to incorporate aspects of the ocean into my wardrobe on a regular basis.

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Shimmy Shack

I want to share a fun fact about myself, I absolutely LOVE food trucks! My favorite happens to be a vegan food truck called Shimmy Shack that I stalk on a regular basis. #noshame

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3 Summer Beauty Must Haves

Summer time is a completely different feeling here in Michigan. I feel like the other three seasons are all in anticipation for these few months of sunshine. The weather is different, I’m outside more, my makeup changes with my tan and I can’t wait to spend a day on a lazy river! This week I am sharing my top 3 summer beauty must haves for the next couple of months!

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Visit the Country Mill this Fall


As soon as Fall hits in Michigan the air suddenly turns crisp and all I’m craving are apples. Apple cider, apple pie and caramel apples. One of my favorite things about my Birthday Season is picking apples. This year I went to the family owned and operated Country Mill in Charlotte, Michigan.

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Rolling Hills Water Park


It’s no secret that I am a water person, and this time of year is the perfect excuse to go cool down at a water park! Every summer I know I have mentioned Rolling Hills Water Park, because I personally think that it’s Ann Arbor’s best-kept secret! Although I am not sure how much of a secret it is as it’s always busy!

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Manchester Chicken Broil

Broil BLOG_Page_1

Every year my family and I reserve the third Thursday in July to attend the Manchester Chicken Broil. Manchester is the next town over from us, less than 7 miles away.  It is known for a Snoopy mailbox, a DQ and the annual Chicken Broil.

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