A Weekend in Paducah

If you’re following me on any of my social media you know that I went on a road trip this weekend with my Mom and Mamaw to Paducah, Kentucky! Paducah is best known for being the quilting capital for quilters all over the United States. The trip was filled with laughter, shopping, sightseeing and some more shopping!

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2016 Chelsea Quilt Retreat


A couple weekends ago I hosted the 2nd Annual Chelsea Quilt Retreat at the Comfort Inn and Village Conference Center in Chelsea, Michigan. My goal this year was simple, make it better than last year! I think it’s safe to say that I succeeded. We had three fun filled days with classes taught by top notch teachers, amazing food, pop up shops and tons of laughter.

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Instagram Swaps


Have you ever heard of Swaps on Instagram? Until this past January I hadn’t either. I am still unsure as to how I discovered them, but one day Swaps kept popping up and being curious, I started to check them out, I found that there was quite a few of them available. Some of the Swaps have themes, like Harry Potter, Doctor Who, Beach while others are more open to stalking your partner using social media, Instagram, Pinterest.

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The Chelsea Quilt Retreat

This past April I hosted the first (with many more to come) Chelsea Quilt Retreat! This retreat took many years to put together to not only convince my Mom and I to host it, but to find a location and really take the plunge. The retreat was Friday, Saturday and Sunday and let me tell you everyone came in excited and left exhausted! I worked so hard to make this event as perfect as I could, which also meant that I had very little sleep and needed to recover from all of the fun for almost a week!

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