What’s in my Pool Bag

I have created a bit of a weekly habit this Summer, my Mom, Mamaw and I have been hanging out at my Mamaw’s pool on Sunday mornings. It’s been so blissful and for some reason we’ve had the pool to ourselves (she lives in a condo complex) which has been perfect for us to relax, float around and catch each other up on our weeks. Mermaid Sundays have become my favorite part of the week and I thought it would be fun to share what’s in my pool bag with you.

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Summer Favorites

I really enjoy summer, especially living here in Michigan. The weather is usually warm, but not very hot and the humid is literally just right. For most Michigander’s summer means a sigh of relief from the miserable long cold winters and that we can finally go outside and play!

Below is a list of my favorite activities and things to do when summer hits the North! Hopefully you can add these to your own summer fun either here or in your own town/city near you!

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