My 3 Hour Layover in Atlanta

I’ve flown all my life; in fact, it’s my favorite way to travel! I recently had a layover in Atlanta and I thought it would be a perfect way to tell you how I turned what some people view as a burden or hassle and turned it into a positive and relaxing experience for myself. So this week I am sharing my layover experience with you, but I do want to warn you it’s pretty long.

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Life Update: Land Owner

I have a fun life update to share with y’all, and the reason behind my quick trip to Florida this weekend… I’m now a Land Owner! That’s right, I own a little piece of the Sunshine State not to mention a couple of palm trees! Read more

Traveling Vegetarian: Everest Sherpa

Let me start off by disclaiming that I have never had Indian food before. I was going to dinner with my friend Andrea and she was craving Indian, so I thought why not try something new!?! We went to Everest Sherpa in Ann Arbor and it was such a fun environment, not to mention had delicious food! But I totally made her order for me!

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Traveling Vegetarian: Mr. Foisie’s Pasties

On the long trek up to Crystal Mountain a couple months ago my Mom mentioned that she was in the mood for a pastie. For those not from the North, it’s like a meat pie with little veggies inside that usually comes in beef and chicken. It’s very common for hunting season. I joked that they “shoot vegetarians up here” but she was on a mission and I know that if a woman in my family is on a mission get out of her way!

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Traveling Vegetarian: Two Beards Deli

On my last trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan I was on a mission for an amazing grilled cheese sandwich! Before my trip I was told to check out Two Beards Deli when I go, of course being me I perused the menu that same day and found plenty for this vegetarian to eat including a pretty awesome grilled cheese.

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Traveling Vegetarian: Mama Lu’s

Let’s talk tacos! I had such a perfect afternoon at Mama Lu’s in Traverse City a few weeks ago. The weather was around 75 degrees and sunny making it perfect to stroll through downtown on my first and brief visit to the city. Eating outside, being comfortable, enjoying the sunshine… sounds like bliss! Not to mention how scrumptious those tacos were.

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