Printed Soft Ankle Pant from Lane Bryant

I am back home and starting this week off with a bang! I don’t know what it is about traveling but I always end up with more inspiration as well as a drive that I like to take advantage of before it wears off. Maybe that’s just the way my mind works best? Anyways, this week I am sharing my travel outfit from my wardrobe which includes these comfy and fun printed pants from Lane Bryant.

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My 3 Hour Layover in Atlanta

I’ve flown all my life; in fact, it’s my favorite way to travel! I recently had a layover in Atlanta and I thought it would be a perfect way to tell you how I turned what some people view as a burden or hassle and turned it into a positive and relaxing experience for myself. So this week I am sharing my layover experience with you, but I do want to warn you it’s pretty long.

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Life Update: Land Owner

I have a fun life update to share with y’all, and the reason behind my quick trip to Florida this weekend… I’m now a Land Owner! That’s right, I own a little piece of the Sunshine State not to mention a couple of palm trees! Read more

Traveling Vegetarian: Everest Sherpa

Let me start off by disclaiming that I have never had Indian food before. I was going to dinner with my friend Andrea and she was craving Indian, so I thought why not try something new!?! We went to Everest Sherpa in Ann Arbor and it was such a fun environment, not to mention had delicious food! But I totally made her order for me!

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Traveling Vegetarian: Mr. Foisie’s Pasties

On the long trek up to Crystal Mountain a couple months ago my Mom mentioned that she was in the mood for a pastie. For those not from the North, it’s like a meat pie with little veggies inside that usually comes in beef and chicken. It’s very common for hunting season. I joked that they “shoot vegetarians up here” but she was on a mission and I know that if a woman in my family is on a mission get out of her way!

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Traveling Vegetarian: Two Beards Deli

On my last trip to Grand Rapids, Michigan I was on a mission for an amazing grilled cheese sandwich! Before my trip I was told to check out Two Beards Deli when I go, of course being me I perused the menu that same day and found plenty for this vegetarian to eat including a pretty awesome grilled cheese.

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